Month: January 2018

A 2017 round up! Peaks and Pits

So after a fab end to 2016 which saw us moving into our new build forever home, 2017 started off a bit pants for us.

Only 4 days into the new year me and Emily were involved in a car crash. Luckily Emily wasn’t injured just shaken and left with nightmares, I has whiplash and sore, bruised collar bone, neck, shoulder and back. So not the best start but luckily the year did get better!

We built a cabin to use as a playroom for childminding.

We celebrated my cousins sons christening.

We went bowling for the first time as a family and Beth was FANTASTIC at it!!Scoring strike after strike!

We had lots of woodland adventures and map reading skills were progressed further.

Beth got her level 7 gymnastic badge!

Emily turned 3 and we celebrated with a day at our local National Trust property playing in the park, going in the maze and den building. oh and a cheeky ice cream.

The sunshine was kind to us and we had lots of fun days spent in the garden playing in the paddling pool, on the tummy slide and in the sprinkler. Our lovely neighbors and their children joined in on a few occasions which was lovely.

On Mothers day we had fun at the beach and Bethany went in for a swim fully clothed!!

We walked to Linhope Spout and saw the waterfall.

A few Fujiyama trips thrown in for yummy food!

However at the end of July we made the very hard decision for me to finish childminding as during our fun times of the first half of the year I had been suffering intolerable, excruciating pain in my body most specifically in my joints. I was freshly diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and awaiting treatment and we decided as a couple it was too much on my body looking after children, with lifting and rushing around and trying to keep up with them daily 8am-6pm I needed a break and Brett very kindly said he would support me whilst I took some time out.

We had a last minute caravan adventure at Craig Tara which both the children loved. The pool was amazing and they really enjoyed the entertainment. We played on the beach, on the penny slot machines, ate fish and chips and pizza, made smores on the bbq and had lovely family time together.

The end of the summer holidays was celebrated by the girls going to Haggerston Castle with my parents for a weekend which also meant me and Brett had our first weekend off in over 3 years! We celebrated by painting the snug room, buying a new sofa and pottering around the house. We also had a night away in a hotel paid by my childminding parents. This weekend also signaled a big change in our lives. I had finished childminding AND Emily was about to start Nursery!!

S0 September saw Beth start year 3 and Emily Nursery.

Emily took to nursery like a duck to water, she cried/had to be pried off me at drop off but was fine once I left.

Bethany turned 8!!!

Nelly joined our family!! ekk!!

Beth went on her first pack holiday with Brownies.

Life rolled on and Christmas arrived! We had both my parents and brother and Brett’s mam stop on Christmas eve and they spent all day Christmas day with us too! We didn’t stop all day and hardly took any pictures but the children had great fun!

However on the Wednesday I had an allergic reaction to a shower creme and ended up with a rash all over my body, which then blistered and went red raw ouch!

The snow came on the Friday after Christmas and we spent a fun filled day outside, walking the dog, making snowmen, sledging and building an igloo! We ended the day with sledging in the dark with our neighbours and a fish and chip supper!!

so that was our 2017. Peaks and pits to it but we’ve made it through and are looking forward what 2018 will bring

S x

The kind of days when you think you are winning at this parenting malarkey!

Today has been one of those days when you sit and smile to yourself at 6.30pm that yep you’ve cracked it. The kids are getting on, the house is in a semi state of ok-ness post Christmas and yes this parenting thing is going great.. It’s only taken 8.3years to conquer but yep I’m there, I’m the parent I’ve always wanted to be, calm, collected and non sweary in my head šŸ˜ However how long will it last and what makes today different to the many many days before hand… it could be the way I plied my youngest with her dad’s phone at 7am so I could have a lie in till 8.30am! Whoop! Or maybe the fact I cleaned the benches, emptied, reloaded the dishwasher then that wonderful man of ours hoovered (man points right there guys!!) Or the fact I got to shower in peace and apply my many creams (you read thinking lovely skincare routine, read it the other way that I’ve had a horrendously bad reaction to a well known brand and I’m currently looking like a peeling lobster! Then a gentle, calm bike ride for the girls whilst I walked the dog Or perhaps it’s because we did hama beads when we got back together and then painted a fairy door then got through a food shop with no fall outs AND buying only what was on the list, a sneaky happy meal on route home then a colouring in session. Followed by now a dance off in the living room whilst I watch the two little loves of my life dance and finish the day still getting on which is a rarity in itself!!

Fingers crossed it carries on tomorrow…. Oh and by the way Happy New Year. I hope 2018 is the year of success, health and happiness for you all… S x