How are you 8? I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday, walking up sand dunes whilst in Labour, eating cheese toasties, reading magazines in the bath whilst contractions were coming, biting your gran’s hand whilst pushing, and them wham you were there! In my arms all 7lb 2oz of loveliness. My Bethany! You graced the world in the witching hour as you have recently started telling friends and your mega proud of it.

And now you are 8 years old!!
You are an amazing girl. So super intelligent, you love to read, maths is a favourite as is art and computers/phone’s- roblox is your most played on game. You love to play lego and enjoy making new buildings and creations. You enjoy playing barbies with your little sister and the two of you love your lol dolls and have asked for more for Christmas!! Your kind and considerate and a little bit moody when you havnt had enough sleep. You have a bit of a back chat going on at the moment but show me a 8 year old that doesn’t!
I can’t believe 8 years has flown by but what a 8 years it has been.
Well I’m mega proud of YOU. You are the one who made me a mam,  the one who taught me how to be a mam. You are the one who taught me what real true love is. From the minute I laid eyes on you, with how much you looked like your daddy I knew that I’d move heaven or earth to protect you and ensure your life was the best it could be and you would be our priority in life.
We had 8 whole months of just me and you of maternity leave then I had to go back to work. I luckily had a plan and that was to become a childminder and work from home so I could spend every minute with you so when you were 13 months old that’s what happened.

We were together every day and have been ever since. I’ve dropped and picked you up from school and been to every school event, nativity, church service. I’ve Been lucky enough to care for you when your poorly and just been able to be your mum.

I may not have always been the best one or the most patient mum but I’m yours and you are mine and Bethany I bloody love the bones off you!!

You are my first born,  my blot and I am super happy to call you my girl
Happy 8th birthday sweetheart the world is truly a better place for having you in it
Lots of love
Mammy xxx

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