Our little space to record and remember all of our family adventures and our ordinary family life at The Grove.

This is all about our lives and recording the memories visually so our two girls have a tale to go with the pictures in years to come.

Who’s behind “Life at The Grove’

I am the one who will be recording our journey.  Writing down the ordinary, extraordinary and normal memories and documenting day to day life, the good the bad and maybe the ugly (gin induced hangovers!)
I am a mum of two beautiful girls. They push me to the limit some days (as all our darling angels do! ) but they are all mine and I wouldn’t change them for the world.
I am now a stay at home mum as I have had to stop working as a childminder due to ill health. But for now I am taking care of Brett’s admin to allow him to work even harder to provide for us all! What a star he is!

Brett runs his own successful IT business and is always on the go..He’s got a love of good shirts (7camicie) hes an awesome cook and loves good bottle of red!
He LOVES mountain biking and is out every weekend on his beloved Cube, I think he loves it more than he loves me!  It’s his passion and he’s bloody awesome at it too, he’s also good at getting injuries, luckily they are normally just wee ones after a small fight with trees!!
He’s a fab dad and takes the girls on adventures in the outdoors.

Beth is our first born, back in September 2009. She is the one who gave us our titles as parents.
She is always cart wheeling and has a real passion for dance and gymnastics. She’s forever throwing herself around the house, garden, supermarket you name it she’s cartwheeled around it!!
She’s a clever sausage, loves learning,  reading books-currently Harry potter- biking and being outdoors.

Our bhudda baby -big chunky baby- who was born in April 2014. She came along and made Beth a big sister , a job she took easily too as she was so used to having children around her.

Emily is a strong willed, feisty little girl. She’s the boss around here and we all know it! She’s got such a sweet side though and is constantly telling you she loves you or asking for a huggle.

She’s starts nursery in September and it can’t come quick enough. She’s eager to learn just like Bethany was but I’ll miss having my wee side kick around all the time.

Frankie and Fern
Our two fur babies… we welcomed them back in 2013.

They do our heads in bringing us all sorts of ‘presents’ such as mice, birds, live rabbits and we constantly say we are going to give them away but in reality we would be lost without them!


Nelly. The newest member to our gang! Nelly is a Labrador Pointer and she came to live with us at the beginning of September! she is an energetic ball of fun! and has brought so much joy to our lives so far.

So that is us! Welcome to our space in this big wide world.
I hope you’ll all enjoy the adventures that lie ahead!! Who knows where this life is going to take us…. Adventure is out there!! 🌍