The summer holidays are nearly over here in Northumberland and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

In one way I’m happy they are done, my two and even myself we are craving a routine again. Knowing where we are and what we are doing is how I thrive. I like a plan of action and don’t like to ‘wing’ it too much. So I’m ready to get our flow back.
However in another way I’m sad they are ending. It means my last summer having a non school child is over and both my children will be in school. It also means my job is over, 4 weeks ago I decided enough was enough and I had to give up childminding and tomorrow is my last day.
 If you havnt read my other post I have recently been diagnosised with psoriatic arthritis and have started treatment to combat it. And after finally taking notice of my doctor, my consultant, my partner, and even the parents of the children I care for I decided to slow down and take time to allow my body to recover so that’s it, tomorrow is the end of my childminding journey of nearly 7 years.
So that means when the summer is over I’m done.
I also feel bad that this summer held so much promise of adventure filled days and lazy picnics in the sun (not that we’ve seen much of that here this year!) But instead it’s been a very mundane summer as my body hasn’t been up to it.
So I’ve promised myself that come next summer I’ll hopefully be more in control of my own body and be able to create more memories with just my two children. We will be able to get up and just pack the car and go. Be it to the beach, a national trust place, beamish or further afield i promise that next summer will be filled with magic and memories.
So there we are a summer 2017 is over today consists of school shoe and coat shopping. Maybe I’ll treat the girls to new pencil cases and then come home and do their homework that we have obviously left till last minute!

S x  

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