Sometimes it’s true we have to be the bad guy to benefit our children in the long run.

Tonight I took the bulb out of my darling eldest light… why you ask?
 Because last night I put her to bed and went off to bed myself an hour later checked on her she was ‘out like a light’ 11pm rolls round and she’s stood at the edge of my bed, gives me the fright of my life and tells me she can’t sleep…

Hug her, kiss her and put her back to bed and think nothing more of it until the next day we are playing lego together and she let’s slip that after I put her to bed and after I checked on her she had been up making a dj area with her lego!

So fast forward to tonight… I put her to bed, goodnight,love you, sweet dreams my darling… go have a shower and come back out to her light on and her sat playing lego!!!

She tells me it’s not fair she’s a grown up so should be allowed to stay up late.. I try to explain we’ve just had a weekend away and she stayed up till 11pm 3 nights in a row 🙈 and she’s off again on Friday for a holiday with her grandparents before school starts again so it’ll be another 3 nights of late ones so she needs to gather her energy for the next couple of nights but nope she’s kicking off, saying the lights going back on the second I’m out the door!
So I calmly move her stool, take out the bulb, pop it in my pocket and say “goodnight my darling sweet dreams.” And close the door to her wailing.
5 minutes later I hear her say “you’ve hurt my feelings by taking my bulb !” My heartstrings ain’t being pulled tonight my dear, mammy is taking a stand and that bulb will go back tomorrow morning.

Sat on the sofa, eating milk trays and just said to the other half “I bet she’s been wise enough to open her ensuite door and use that light!!”

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