If your new around here and don’t know, I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis at the end of July.

I was in daily unexplained pain for months previous to this and it wasnt until I saw the rheumatologist that I got some answers. This type of arthritis is attacking my joints and is an auto immune basically my body is fighting what it thinks is an infection and is working too hard to attack itself. So the medication I take, which is a chemo style drug, is to kill my immune system which is hopefully going to stop my body being in so much pain

Fast forward to now and so far I’ve attended 3 clinic and on Thursday will attend my fourth. And at each clinic plus my first consultant meeting in July I’ve had a steriod injection to try get it under control.

So far I’ve been on methotrexate for 12 weeks or so but got informed at my last clinic they don’t think it’s working as well as it should be as the inflammation is still rife in my body, especially my right ankle as it just don’t give up!

The pain has died down a wee bit in my body and I’m not as stiff as I was, no where as near as it was, I was literally taking a good 20 minutes to just work up to getting out of bed on a morning. Don’t get me wrong the pain is still there but I’ve got used to living with it and My consultant thinks my positive mental attitude towards it and having a diagnosis has helped me.

I’ve got this for life, at the moment they don’t have a cure for arthritis but hopefully one day they will. But for now I’ve got to live with it and just pray the next lot of pills I get help get the inflammation down and get my pain under control. Flares I’ll have to live with but the pain medication helps a little bit so i can continue with my life. But the consultant is throwing pills at me to get me as pain free and get it under control as much as possible so fingers crossed they next lot of pills are the magic cocktail.

The worst bit is people cant see the pain im in so I feel they think I’m making it all up which is bloody hard. And it’s hard to explain how sore I am so most of the time i just push through the pain so the kids and Brett don’t actually know what I am truly feeling as I don’t want to feel like a burden..


Let’s see what the next step of the plan is on Thursday and maybe I might know a bit more of what’s happening.