My girls have a great relationship but like all siblings they can squabble. However at the moment, especially because its been the half term holidays this past week they have really enjoyed being with each other and playing so lovely together.

They have had days when they have squirreled away in Bethany’s bedroom making a barbie world, which I can remember doing as a little girl, and played for near enough a full day with their barbies. Making them a bowling alley, a cinema experience and basically just having fun in each others company. The ‘World’ is still set up so its a case of stepping over to get around Beth’s bedroom but they have loved playing there together.

Yesterday to round off the week we headed up to Thrunton for a walk as a family. The girls loved it, they each took their back packs with a challenge list in (and snacks of course!!) of what they had to find whilst up there. It really kept them involved and motivated to keep walking up the trails. We came back filthy but had a fab time!
This weeks holiday has really strengthened the girls’ bond and im super excited to see how their bond develops even more since there is some changes coming our way soon!! Ekk!!!