So since January I’ve been having pains in my joints or more so I started noticing them more.
I had a car crash in January and that seemed to steam roll the pains more.

By April I was crying on a regular basis of how sore I was and how it was just getting worse. So bad to the point I was bottom bumping down the stairs and struggling to get up on a morning or getting up of the sofa was sending pains shooting through my body.  Sleep was non existent.
I broke down to one of the parents child I care for who is a rhumetoligist and said she thought I had Rheumatoid arthritis by my description.
A call to the doctors and he recommended bloods be done but they couldn’t fit me in for another week so my friend said she would do them for me.

Results came back a week later but the inflammation marker was just a mere 15 so they didn’t think it was rheumatoid. So back to the drawing board.

After doing some of my own google research I found out there was a type called ‘psoriatic arthritis’ which would link up as I have bad psoriasis on my scalp. I felt so much better reading about it and seeing that my ‘symptoms’ were real and they weren’t just in my head!

So another call to the doctors as my body was still so sore and asked for stronger anti inflammatory and suggested an actual appointment and he agreed so went to see him who agreed a referral was actually needed. So that was the beginning of May.

A daily check of the ‘book in’ system to try get an appointment and there was still nothing by July!
Another call to the doctors for another pain killer to try, then an A&E visit who couldn’t do anything for me but send me away with more codeine!

Fast forward to the Thursday 13th July and I was getting ready to go collect the kiddies I care for and I just lost it all to Brett. Cried so much and he lost it too and called the doctors and demanded an appointment which they luckily gave me.
Cancelled most of the kids for the day as luckily they were all on maternity/could swap to a different day and were all understanding.
Headed off to the docs and literally pulled myself along the banister to the doctors room and broke down to her. She said she could see how bad I was, she wanted to give me a sick note (being self employed I was like who the heck do I give it to!!) so refused it. She recommended that I rest and allow my body time to heal as that’s what it was desperately craving.
She also said she would write a letter to the rhumetoligist and recommend they get me in ASAP!

I left her feeling so much more positive and hopeful.

The next day I got a call at 12pm asking if I could come in at 10am on the Monday morning… I cried down the phone to the woman and was so shocked that they had managed to get me in!


Monday morning came, I went to the wrong ward and had to walk all the way to the other end of the hospital I cried all the way back down.
Eventually got to the correct place and got called and the lovely lovely registrar came to get me and said she could see how much pain I was in. She apologised with how long it had taken to get seen, she went through all the history and told me the bloods Id recently had taken had a inflammation marker of 89!!! WOWZA!!!
So a total body exam and she said it was a bad fast paced psoriatic arthritis that I had in most of the major joints and also in the smaller joints too.
She squeezed my hands and the left was def the worst and the right foot the worst too. Right ankle is highly inflamed and she was shocked with how bad it was.

So she said a steroid injection would happen today to hopefully lessen the inflammation. And she would recommend a drug called methotrexate which you take for 1 day but it can make you feel sick so you take folic acid on the other 6 days to counter act it.
With this drug they have to keep an eye on your lungs and liver function so an xray would be needed today and regular blood tests too.

So off I went for a injection in my bottom then the chest xray and that was me done until the group clinic in August!

Or so I thought!! A letter came in the post saying I need to have a lung function test which me being me googled and it happens in a wee glass cubicle, you blow into the machine and it measure your lung function/capacity.

So I go off for that and Brett comes to collect the kids so they don’t have to hang around the hospital. Super glad he turns up and takes them away as I bloody wig out from all the blowing!
The last one is the one that got me, so breathe normally x2 deep breathe in then blow it out as fast as you can but then hold it!! 2nd time and that was me gone! poor woman has to push me back into the cubicle and says yep that will do for today! ha
She then very kindly walks me to the car parking paying machine as she was worried about me, she offers to push me there in a wheelchair as she can see how bad I’m struggling to walk and tells me I MUST use my walking stick if im walking any kind of distance 🙁



Thats where we are up to as of today!

Group clinic and consultant meeting is happening this week and another injection in the derriere!!

Whoop whoop!! I’m actually super glad that I have managed to be squeezed in as I was originally told I would have to wait til October to be seen!!!!

I don’t think I would of survived until then! SO fingers crossed this new pill works and I can get back to being me!!

s x

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