So what do you get the man who has everything and needs nothing for his big 4-0?!

Well you get him one of the things he’s wanted for so long but we haven’t been able to have due to the nature of my past job….

So everyone meet Nelly!! Our beautiful wee girl, the newest member to our gang!

She is a Labrador crossed with a Pointer which Brett thinks it makes her a pointerdor!!
She is the most placid, loving, adorable little thing ever and we are all truly besotted with her.

She is nearly 17 weeks old now and has been with us since the beginning of september and she has from day one just slotted straight into our family like shes always been here.
Nelly is still waking up a few times in the night but she is just doing it as she’s still so little and needs to go wee/poo so is very good in the sense that shes letting us know rather than going in her cage.
However I dont sleep too good due to pain levels so she keeps me company when she does wake up in night/early in morning.

Nel’s may be Brett’s birthday pressie but she’s also been bought to help me fight my ’empty nest syndrome’ . This can happen for some Mama’s that once their youngest goes off to nursery they think holey moley what do I do now?! This is more so than ever for me right now as not only has Em started nursery this month but I’ve also stopped childminding so Nelly Belle has been helping keep me company. So Nelly is a double whammy, birthday present and empty nest helper in one!!

Here’s a few more pic’s of her of her first few weeks at the Grove….






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