Well we are a week in to the summer holidays ekk!!

The week started well with it being my birthday- I say ‘well’ however no presents in this house as it didn’t get delivered on time 🙁 However we still managed to have some fun and went and met up with all our friends from school at a local cafe with a park where we had never been before!!
It was an AMAZING find!! Nelson’s in the park at Swarland- if you haven’t been you have to go! The menu was right up my street, so hard to choose from so many yummy things- I went for the bacon, brie and cranberry panini with a rose lemonade. The girls went for the children’s picnic which came served in a little wooden crate and the juice in a milk bottle which just looked so cute!Having the park enclosed meant the children could run and play carefree whilst us mum’s and dad’s sat and watched. Great fun had by all and I got lots of lovely presents off our friends too!!

Tuesday was a work day so busy fun filled with the kids, it was also my mam’s birthday so we exchanged presents after I had finished.
Me, Brett and the girls then headed up to Thrunton to go scatter his friend Greg’s ashes. We met Greg’s Mum and Dad up there and scattered them over an amazing view point. Very sad but also a happy occasion as that’s what he had expressed he wished to happen and its an amazing place for his parent’s, family and friend’s to go and remember him.
It put things into perspective though as he wasn’t very old- a mere 37 so it’s really got us thinking of our lives and our futures.

Wednesday was another day off. We headed down to the metro   to do some shopping! The girls both got lots of nice new bits of clothing. My birthday present finally arrived- the most soft, snuggly dressing gown ever!! Well done B x

Thursday and Friday were work days again with a house full of kiddies.

Friday evening we made ‘freak-shakes’ which the girls thoroughly enjoyed doing!!



Saturday was the day I had been looking forward to the most though!!  Ladies Day at Newcastle Race course! I went with 4 good friends and we had a fab day. I didnt drink (due to all the tablets I have to take 🙁 ) but it was still a fab day. It was lovely to get dressed up and be a ‘lady’ for the day and not have children hanging off you or wanting you every second!!
Saturday night I whizzed back and picked up the family and went to my cousins wedding night. It was a lovely night and her and her new hubby had practiced a dance for their first dance which was cool!


Sunday was recovery day as I was aching from top to bottom- so a quick clean of the house and then a sofa snuggle in front of a few movies is what we did!

First week of the holidays has been a success!! Roll on the next 5 weeks!!



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