Week two started with the Monday thankfully off work as I was till having a painful body day 🙁 The girls were really good and watched a film to start the day and had a wee snuggle together.  However a knock on the door and it was the bloke arriving to fix our flooring issues – even though they weren’t booked in so I had to send him away as I was on my way out (once I’d washed my hair treatment out and got out of Brett’s Pj’s!!) . Thankfully he understood and realised that he didn’t have enough screed to fix all the problems there actually was. We bought a new build back in December and have had numerous flooring issues which is getting just ridiculous now but hopefully they will get sorted ASAP.

Once sorted we headed up to Swarland again to meet two of my very good best friends and their children and had a blast in the sunshine. The kids had a whale of a time in the park and eating yummy cakes and sweets!

Tuesday was work day again. Playing in the garden, putting on shows for the older ones, building dens, crafting on!! We also did some gardening and took some cuttings from our sweat peas which smell amazing in my dining room! 

Wednesday was a day off so we headed up to Cragside to meet lots of friends in the park but I was still having a bad day so had to take a good old walking stick for support. The kids all had lots of fun playing in the park and den building. Bethany loves to be outside and be at one with nature- we had took her good friend with us too as a treat- I’ve cared for this one since she was 8 months old so shes more like a sister to Beth!)
In the afternoon we had to head off to the hospital for my lung function test which I wigged out on silly me. I got told to use my stick if going out and about to give my body some support.

Then a trip round good old Aldi ON MY OWN as Brett had collected the girls from me at the hospital and was off to see his sister. Is it just me who thinks a shopping trip alone is a treat!!

Thursday- another fun filled childminding day full of busy playing, crafting, running around the garden, up and down off the floor to play with the happyland. However a sad end to the day as we finally decided that I needed some time off to let me body have some rest time. So Thursday ended with me giving notice to all the families I care for to finish for September. (another post to follow about that hard decision.)

Friday I just had my two and one lovely wee girl so we went back up to the park for a good old play in the morning with a few of our friends and there was a pony tied up and the lady allowed the children to pet him- aptly named Iggle Piggle a firm favourite of one of the children I care for!! We arrived home for a quick lunch and my new shoes had arrived- Birkenstock recommended by a friend as fab footwear for my ouchy feet.

Then we hit the library in the afternoon to go to learn about how to care for our pets- however the people didn’t turn up to give the talk- ekk- but we still managed to get some new books to borrow and Bethany signed up for the summer reading challenge-that girl loves a book, just like me!!

Saturday we were lucky enough to have a babysitter for the morning so me and Brett had a date and tootled off to the cinema to see Dunkirk Fab film!!

Then a quick run round Ikea for curtain rails- 8 months since moving in we are finally getting curtains for the bedrooms!! Whoop Whoop!

Collected the girls then had a lush chinese for tea as another treat!

Sunday Brett went off biking and we stayed in and attempted to rebuild the lego castles!! 4 hours later and and we were no where near finished so it was tidy up time and a quick blitz of the house before Brett arrived back.
The rain hit just as we were about to leave to head to Nelson’s (again!!) but waterproofs on for the girls and we still headed off! Nice tea there and a a-ok from Brett for a secret purchase and back home for bedtime!



Another busy week!

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